Ask a Cop: How can I get the title to my used car?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I purchased a used car from a local dealer on Aug. 30 and they still have not given me the title to the car. Should I just stop making the payments? What can I do?

A: The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you cease making payments, you may forfeit your legal rights to return the vehicle or secure a new title. A title is the most important part of a vehicle purchase, so at the time of purchase, you must confirm the location and possession of a title. Licensed car dealers in Indiana who cannot deliver a title at the time of the sale are required to provide you with an affidavit in which they must deliver the title within 31 days. If you do not receive the title within 31 days, you must give the dealership “written demand” for your title. The dealer then has an additional 10 days to provide you the title. After this you may then return the vehicle to the dealership where the dealer is required to provide you with a full refund of the purchase price, tax, finance expenses, insurance expenses, and any other fee you paid to the dealer. You may also file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division.

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