Ask a Cop: Are 'suicide knobs' legal for your car?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: The staff at Firestone came up with a very good question. They had a customer who wanted a steering wheel knob put on their car and they were worried about installing it and wanted to know if it was legal in Indiana, and of course, they were trying to "stump" Mr. Ask a Cop!

A: For those of you who don't remember, these knobs are called "suicide knobs" and most people believe they are illegal. However, this claim is likely one of those "car myths" that has spread because of the name. The term "suicide" has a dangerous association to it, which probably makes people assume the knobs are illegal. In searching through each state's statutes, there were no laws in the 50 states banning the use of steering wheel knobs on privately owned cars. Some businesses may make their own rule on company cars or trucks. In fact, some states require the use of a steering aid for some handicapped individuals. My record still stands!

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