Ask a Cop: Sorry, no happy hours in Indiana

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: My friends and I hang out at a local bar in Michigan City and we got into a huge discussion about why they don’t run a “Happy Hour” and reduce the cost of the drinks. The owner said that he surly would, but it was against the law. My friends and I think that he is just being cheap! Who is right?

A: Sorry, he may be cheap, but he is also right! In Indiana the “Happy Hour Law” states that a bar may not reduce the price of alcoholic beverages during a portion of the day and then sell the same drinks for a higher price the remainder of the day. The law also states that a bar may not sell “2 for 1” drink specials at any time. So, in other words, they are allowed, for example, to sell beer half price on Mondays as long as it is the entire day and night on Monday. Throw this one at him!

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