Can I dial 112 to get help?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I recently read on Facebook that you can dial 112 on your cell phone and you get emergency help right away that shows your name, phone number, address and exact location of where you are at! I find this hard to believe as it is not advertised anywhere else. Is this really true or just Facebook Fake News?

A: First of all, yes and no! Dialing 112 is the “European Version” of 911. In the United States if you have a GSM phone which is usually Verizon and T-Mobile, you can use this feature, but it is exactly the same thing as dialing 911. In La Porte County we are what is called “Phase2,” in which the operator can see the name of the phone subscriber, their address, and an approximate location but not exact location of the call. For example if you are calling from 1201 E. Michigan Blvd. it may indicate that you are at 1199999 E. Michigan Blvd. (computer version), which puts you in the approximate area, but not the exact one.

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