I am not a healthcare expert, though I was the Marketing Manager of the American Hospital Association for many years. It was a time before the corporate mentality was adopted by healthcare providers. A time before the thought of a socialized medical system for all was in anyone’s purview.

There was Medicare/Medicaid, but no one framed them as socialized medicine of any kind. These programs still provide care to those in need; Medicare to our elder population, Medicaid to the financially disadvantaged. Most agree, even with the inevitable abuses by some; they are successful programs. But, they didn’t start out that way. When implemented, our Congress did what it is supposed to do. They had varying opinions on how to “fix” the systems as problems arose, many very heated debates on how to fine-tune them and, in the end, came to consensus. Through the years, several changes have been made. The crux of what makes them fiscally viable (though a tweak is needed once again) is that contribution is mandatory through our tax system.

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