I’m in the final edit of my new book, a compilation of my first 300 columns. It demanded that I once again proof them all. They are in chronological order beginning almost a decade ago (this is my 464th column). Once the shock of how long my column has been running wore off, I came to several uncomfortable revelations about our country, the world and myself.

I was surprised at so many important issues our government struggled with through the years that are still plaguing us today. There are several columns dealing with the debt limit, an issue kicked down the road once again a couple of weeks ago. I tackled election reform, or the lack thereof, for the last three Presidential elections. I addressed healthcare; over and over again. Tax reform, Supreme Court appointments, infrastructure, North Korea and our wars, that continue today have all fallen victim to my pen many times. And I could go on with the list, but I do have a point to make.

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