Hoosiers and Their Hooch

A 1920 Indianapolis News photo shows police displaying a large still and 38 gallons of “white mule” whiskey confiscated from the New Bethel raid.

La PORTE — The Indiana Historical Society’s Traveling Exhibit, “Hoosiers and Their Hooch,” will be hosted by the La Porte County Historical Society Museum from Thursday, March 5, through Thursday, April 2.

According to the museum, the exhibit covers the rise and fall of prohibition in Indiana and throughout the country, from the temperance movement of the 1900s to the repeal of the 18th amendment in 1933. The Historical Society said you can learn about the Anti-Saloon League, and the bootleggers, moonshiners, and bathtub gin distillers who found their way around the law. The exhibit will also include images and graphics from the Indiana Historical Society’s collection.

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