Although there have been numerous tragedies in La Crosse, there have been good things there too – one was a doctor who cared for its residents for many years. His name was Dr. David Daniel Oak and in 1948 he had practiced medicine in La Crosse for 38 years.

During the years of 1948-1952, there was a radio program called “This is Your Life,” which was hosted and produced by Ralph Edwards. This was a time shortly before television was common in everyone’s home. Most people had radios, instead. This show was immensely popular. At that time, cigarettes were advertised regularly and Philip Morris was known for its “Call for Philip Morris” advertising. This was the company that sponsored the show. Quite likely, a high percentage of La Porte County residents had their radios on to listen to the show on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1949.

Local Lore is a monthly column by La Porte County Historian Fern Eddy Schultz.

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