I always thought that Mike Rowe should have spent a week with a toddler in potty training when he did the “Dirty Jobs” show. Cleaning out sewers and working on a mealworm farm have nothing over the mess and high emotions of potty training. Potty training can be messy, smelly and at times, thankless work; and, the rewards don’t always come right away. Most parents could use a dose of Mike Rowe humor at some point during potty training.

During potty training, your life revolves around the bathroom. In restaurants and grocery stores, you have to make a mental note of where the nearest bathroom is, so you can be ready for that 2-second warning: “Mom – I have to go to the bathroom. Now!” When that buzzer goes off, you’re like a linebacker running through the aisles, pushing aside blocks trying to make it to the endzone – the public restroom – before time runs out. When you finally make it to the bathroom stall, you’re ferociously ripping at the seat covers or tissue paper to sterilize the seat as much as is possible. Sadly, there’s no touchdown dance. All you get 20 minutes later is, “I tried.” For the potty training parent or caregiver, this exasperating ritual can go on 10 or 15 times a day.

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