MICHIGAN CITY — Local intersection closures planned as part of the South Shore Line’s Double Track NWI Project have again come into question, despite the city having entered an agreement five years ago.

At least two members of the Michigan City Common Council drafted a resolution last week opposing the closure of several intersections, especially where Pine and 11th streets cross.

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10+ years of planning and this is just now being discussed?


My thought exactly, Donnie!! My Dad was part of a group that worked hard to look at options but basically wasn't taken seriously....at least that was my take. The street closures were always one of the issues.........if not the big issue the way it would chop up the flow of movement in the city. Obviously, no one was thinking very clearly ~ CLOSING Carrol is crazy and literally cuts off a significant street of movement.


Did anyone ask the citizens for their concerns and opinions on the road closures? Cutting off north from south will surely have an impact on commerce on businesses north of 11th St. More importantly, cutting off main arteries like Pine and Carroll, will certainly have a negative impact on health and safety by forcing emergency vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, and law enforcement) onto smaller streets potentially resulting in bottle necks and delays in critical service. How can we help revisit this? Would petitions help?

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