Heaven gained a feisty faithful servant with the arrival of Edna Maahs Kelsey on July 24, 2020.

A lifelong resident of La Porte, Edna arrived the seventh of nine children born to Caroline and Thomas Maahs on May 30, 1927, right behind Carl, Alma, Emma, Elmer “Bud”, Frieda, Edgar and just ahead of Norman and Thomas. While life during the Depression for a large family held challenges, Mom and her siblings learned resilience, respect and acceptance; all of which she demonstrated throughout her life. A voracious non-fiction reader, Edna was well read on history and cultural affairs. The remaining book by her bedstand was “Visionary Women,” which was indicative of not only who she was, but also what she stood for. She was also a feeder of birds, squirrels, feral cats, raccoons and the occasional opossum.