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  • Momar said:

    Lack of masks and social distancing is a great concern here. Did the Mayor and City Counsel forget the protocol?

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  • Jenuine74 said:

    All these schools aren’t thinking about our children. I live in the Duneland school system and there has been 8 cases within our district. It …

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  • lindamae said:

    Fern Eddy Schultz is a LaPorte County treasure! Her research is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Fern, for you many years of dedication to our …

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  • revljh said:

    A joy to see this former church so beautifully rehabbed!! I do want to correct its identity. At one point in time (the early 1900's ) it was S…

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  • Klw1217 said:

    What’s the question that you have? You have just outlined that Trump have failed deliver on 100% of his promises. Why do you think another 4 y…

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