Don Briggs

Mrozinski's right. We have a highly qualified HR Director. She is community-based. She's been doing an outstanding job. This is an example of politics at the county level, working out badly for the county.

SB 399 & HB 1190 deserve support from us here LaPorte County. When we hold the fossil fuel industry to account, we speed our transition to a sustainable future.

Stabozs has made a lot of noise, but he can't do his own job right. It seems he wants to move us backward, not forward, on every front. In that regard, he represents the current Republican Party, nation-wide, very well.

This rally gave us many key points to share. As I contact voters, I'll share this point from Deb Chubb:

"[Indiana is] a purple state with a get-out-the-vote problem.” I'll do what I can so that on November 8, Indiana can follow Kansas.

In a special election, Kansas rejected an…

We know we cannot trust NIPSCO to tell the truth about their Coal Ash (AKA "Coal Combustion Residuals", CCR). Nor can we trust their long term stewardship of the poisons they want to leave behind on their current site. Ask the Town of Pines. It lies just west of the Michigan City Generati…

Mr. Borten points out that Stabosz makes big, expensive mistakes, then blames others. Check. But it's worse. He seems to be on a mission to sabotage LaPorte County's governance. He seems to squabble pointlessly, and it seems he wastes a lot of the Commissioners' time.

I plan to attend the Rally, Aug. 1, 4:30 PM, then walk over to City Hall for the hearing, definitely.

We can't eat the game fish from Lake Michigan very often, due to the Arsenic already in the water. I've seen the JTNWI video on the current state of the seawall. That video shows th…

Stabosz has caused a lot of trouble in LPC government.