A welcomed business to the Eastside. Hopefully, more will follow Dunkin's lead

Sorry, I wanted to clarify that I was talking about bus stop enclosures

Am I the only one who drives down Woodland Ave and sees two stops at Barker Rd and the people don't even have room to stand away from traffic let alone stand in the weather. Pay attention to your townspeople and their needs

I've had the opportunity to work with both of these officers and it was always a pleasure

Donnie commented on In brief

I appreciate that Breckinridge, Holly and 414 Barker Rd is going to be relieved of their storm water, but the Maywood subdivision has dealt with standing and running water from storms since I bought here in 1994. I think it's time for gutters, storm drains or a whole bunch of dry wells in…

Although I have empathy for the boaters, I see the people out in the weather waiting for city buses. Weren't we suppose to have shelters in place sometime ago for their protection as well as the security for personal property of the boaters. Thanks

Would this project include the Maywood Subdivision that has had water problems for some time. Maywood was in the original plans that were scrapped years ago. Please alleviate our water problems

Good work Gav Man, you'll make MC proud

My congratulations to Headdog for all the work over many years to promote patriotism and awareness

I commend the Mayor and his staff for helping our city start to grow again